The Hamilton Particular Council, which is the first level of council within the Society, interacts with, serves and assists the Conferences, which operate at the Parish level, within the boundaries of the Parish. The Conferences that interact with our Particular Council are Annunciation of Our Lord, Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady of the Assumption, Our Lady of Lourdes, Regina Mundi, Sacred Heart, St. Ann's, St. Francis Xavier, St. John the Baptist, St. Peter & Paul, and St. Margaret Mary.


Each of the Conferences does various works all aimed at helping the needy and their members are ready to serve when called upon to do so. We can help on most occasions when you require assistance and reside within the boundaries of a Parish's Conference.


Each Conference is restricted for the most part to serving the needy that live within its Parish boundaries. The primary goal and purpose of the Society is to serve and minister to all the poor by making no distinction of creed, ethnic or social background, health, gender or political opinions and to do so with dignity. To start the process, someone in need of assistance would contact the Church in the area in which he or she resides. The call is then passed on to a member of the Conference and that member then contacts the person in need and arranges a home visit. Home visitation is a fundamental activity of the Society


and is conducted in pairs. As such, two people will then home visit the person in need and provide assistance for food in the form of a voucher or card redeemable at a local grocery store and for clothing or furniture by making the necessary arrangements with our Stores. Members do not work with cash, but at times may also make arrangements for the purchase of other “needed” items or payment of bills.

The phone numbers for each Conference and their location are listed below.



SSVP Hamilton Particular Council President

SSVP Conferences

Annunciation of Our Lord

Limeridge Road West & West 5th Street
Phone: 905-388-2078

Blessed Sacrament

Fennell Avenue East & Upper Gage
Phone: 905-385-3570

Our Lady of the Assumption
Hwy. #20 East &@ Hwy #56
Phone: 905-664-7651

Our Lady of Lourdes

Mohawk Road East & Upper Wentworth
Phone: 905-383-3381

Regina Mundi
Mohawk Road West & Upper Paradise
Phone: 905-385-3297

Sacred Heart
Viewpoint Avenue & Mountain Park Ave.
Phone: 905-383-3280



St. Ann’s
Barton & Sherman
Phone: 905-544-9220

St. Francis Xavier
304 Highway #8
Phone: 905-662-8593

St. John the Baptist
Edgemont St. South & King Street East
Phone: 905-544-2100

St. Margaret Mary
Idlewood nr. Fennell & Upper Ottawa
Phone: 905-388-2200

St. Peter and Paul
Brucedale & East 5th Street
Phone: 905-387-3550

The SSVP Hamilton Particular Council reports to the SSVP Ontario Regional Council

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